Live Counting CrowsThis summer the Counting Crows will offer fans live recordings of each night of their tour via, the band’s live music download channel. Each concert will be professionally recorded and released in MP3, lossless CD-quality formats, as well as HD 24 bit (higher-than-CD-Quality) downloads.

Collectors who want physical versions can also order limited edition custom CDs of each night, or CD+MP3 bundles where they can get the MP3s instantly and receive the CDs in the mail. Prices range from $9.95 per night for MP3s to $21.95 for a 2-CD set of each concert.

“The last few years have simply been the best live performances of our career,” said lead vocalist Adam Duritz. “We’re really proud of that and we want people to be able to hear it all if they want.”

The Counting Crows are resuming the live download program they started in 2008 with partner, the premiere live concert download service provider.

“We’ll be making a lot of fans happy this summer by releasing every night of the tour,” says founder and CEO Brad Serling. “The 2008 tour was a big success, and we’re excited to have the band’s live music back on this year.”