August 15, 2014 – Greek Theatre – Berkeley, CA

8-15-14- Berkeley, CA

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5 comments on "August 15, 2014 – Greek Theatre – Berkeley, CA"

  1. i got to see the band at columbus ohio’s lc pavillion july 15th. the crows are such a fantastic band and as always the show was killer. they are great musicians and are so under-rated compared to a lot of the shit coming out now. thanks guys for your music.

  2. Caught a good pic with my phone.

  3. Emily Kanell on

    Such an amazing show. The new songs are incredible. These guys have so much musical talent I am honored that they choose to share it. The new album is fantastic and I can’t wait to get it in its entirety. Thanks guys for always coming around and with such intensity.

  4. Having experienced 11 Counting Crows shows. I pretty much knew what to expect; a great concert with all of my favorite songs. But last night the guys pulled out the stops and played several new songs from the next album due in September. Adam poured through the set in flawless fashion, with Charley and the guys putting out perfection. The Greek has fantastic acoustics, and it made a big difference. Even the crowd sang well according to Adam. Thanks for a wonderful time; can’t wait till next time!

  5. Great show last night! My seventh Counting Crows show, and definitely different than the rest. I was a little surprised not to hear the story-telling and inter-song banter that I have grown to appreciate and love, but the time was certainly well-filled with music. I have already pre-ordered the new album on CD and vinyl, and if last night’s show is any indication, the new album will be amazing. The new stuff was superb. In hindsight, I wish I would have arranged to do the meet and greet. I brought along a Mod-L Society record to get signed, but realized that this concert wasn’t going to be the place (but I thank you for sticking around to talk outside of previous shows). Maybe next time. As a huge fan of over two decades, thanks for always putting in the energy to make your shows great. I brought along my mom and siblings to this show…made a few more fans out of them! Looking forward to the new album, and I wish you all the best.

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