July 21, 2010 – Mountain Park – Holyoke, MA

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2 comments on "July 21, 2010 – Mountain Park – Holyoke, MA"

  1. Janice Morton on

    Went to White River Amphitheater last night and saw Counting Crows. They are so awesome. My son turned me on to their music 20 years ago and I fell in love. Went with my daughter – she went to see Matchbox 20 and me for the Counting Crows………………..we were both happy! Love Adam Duritz.

  2. Joshua Banks on

    I’ve seen CC more times than I can effectively recall. They are my favorite band of all time. BUT this show was special. They played with Augustana, en epic band in their own right. It was an outdoor event up in the hills of Holyoke, MA. I flew in from Park City to see the show with my best friend. We grew up with the Crows and every year it’s a reunion that we make happen. What’s funny is that as a fan this show stands out because there were no more than a couple hundred people there. From the bands stand point I am sure it was an utter disaster and some poor organizer likely got fired. But for me and my friend it was an opportunity to drink some beers and dance and have a truly intimate experience with our favorite band. Thank you for that night guys and for not allowing the lack of people to damper your performance. And thank you for providing this forum to allow me an opportunity to share my gratitude. I love you guys and I am stoked for the upcoming tour!!!

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