November 10, 1994 – Academy – Manchester, UK

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2 comments on "November 10, 1994 – Academy – Manchester, UK"

  1. Stephen J. Grunshaw on

    I was also very privileged and fortunate to be at this concert at the Manchester Academy. I had bought the cassette of August and Everything After the previous year on a family holiday to Florida. By coincidence, I saw the band arrive at the Copthorne Hotel in Salford Quays, Manchester and, could not quite believe my eyes it was them. I was in two minds whether to retrieve the cassette case from my car and have it signed. However, I decided to respect the groups privacy; a decision I still regret to this day!!

  2. Incredible show, remember it very well.Drove 150 miles to see this show. Astonished at the incredible musicianship on display. It seemed that everyone played everyone elses instrument. The songs from (August and Everything After) where speeded up and slowed down to suit the band. One of the five best gigs I’ve ever had the pleasure in seeing. An experience I have repeated many times over the years. Never disappointed by CC at any stage.

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