November 12, 1994 – Corn Exchange – Cambridge, England, UK


Time and Time Again
Children in Bloom
Ghost Train
Rain King
Jumping Jesus
All or Nothing
Round Here
Another Horsedreamer’s Blues
A Murder of One
Miller’s Angels

Goodnight Elisabeth

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One comment on "November 12, 1994 – Corn Exchange – Cambridge, England, UK"

  1. Shaun Midgley on

    I was at this gig and bought a t-shirt that I have worn to every Counting Crows gig I have ben to since then. I now have people comment that the shirt is older than their kids who are with them, and that makes me feel old. For many years I insisted that they did not play Mr Jones at the gig but my friend (sadly died 9 years ago) who went to many of the gigs with me always thought they did. The gigs are longer now than this one was and it seemed very quick at the time. Steady lineup and consistently enjoyable gigs make them a band worth catching live. Roll on O2 later this month.

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